2020 Prime Black 5 Compound Bow (Target Colors)


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    2020 Prime Black 5 Compound Bow (Target Colors)

         Prime Archery continues to be at the forefront of innovation. With the new Black series of bows Prime adds on cam adjustability never before seen on a Parallel Cam.

    • Prime introduces the Roto Cam 5-Track Parallel Cam system, this means any Black series bow can be adjusted across the entire draw length spectrum
    • Roto Cam will feature cable stops that create a solid back wall feel
    • Factory let-off on the Roto Cam will be set at 80% with complete let-off adjustment and the ability to shoot bow with higher or lower holding weights
    • Wider Black series limb pockets accommodate the wider limb stance for even more stability throughout the draw cycle
    • Easy-Tune Shim system allows for .030″ cam adjustment left or right within the limbs for fast & easy tuning
    • Stronger and stiffer Stealth riser design perfects Centergrip technology for fast target acquisition and longer hold on target 
    • Set vane clearance with Flexis AR cable roller for optimal tune and configuration
    • All Prime bows are eligible for the Shield program upon registration with manufacturer and include free strings and cables for life 


    • Axle to axle: 35″
    • Brace height: 6″ 
    • Let-off: 80% (adjustable)
    • Speed: 343 Fps
    • Mass weight: 4.4 lbs
    • Draw length: 25.5″ – 31″ (all on cam)
    • Draw weight: 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 & 80 lbs
    • Available in both RH & LH 
    • Available colors: Copper, Deep Red, Emerald Satin, Orange Tang, & Purple Haze


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