2020 PSE Xpedite NXT Compound Bow


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    2020 PSE Xpedite NXT Compound Bow

    PSE has merged Xpedite© speed with the acclaimed EVO© NXT architecture to create the ultimate balance of power and comfort

    With shooting speeds of up to 360 fps, the Xpedite© NXT delivers an insanely powerful shot while also providing a steadier hold, reduced vibration, and increased accuracy, thanks to the newly-designed longer riser with increased brace height and a lower stabilizer mount location

    Additionally, PSE’s ComfortGrip System gives you the option of holding our traditional riser grip technology for lower torque or swapping it to a molded grip overlay for maximum comfort

    Ships with 90% high let-off module

    • Brace height: 5 1/2″
    • Axle-to-axle: 33″
    • ATA/IBO speed: 360-352 fps
    • Let-off: 80-90%
    • Mass weight: 4.74 LBS.
    • Draw length range: 24 1/2 – 30″
    • Available draw weights (lbs.): 50-60, 60-70, 70-80
    • Limb bolt turns out: 10
    • Cam: EC
    • Finish: Black, Tan, First Light Fusion, Kuiu Verde, Mossy Oak Country, Realtree Edge, Kryptek Altitude
    • Shipped at : 29″ draw length


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