2021 Darton Tempest e-T Target Compound Bow (Target Colors)


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    2021 Darton Tempest e-T Target Compound Bow (Target Colors)

    American made Darton Archery joins the Black Eagle Archery & Conquest Archery team for 2021

    • Riser design cut-outs enhance rigidity in the platform 
    • E System cable roller equalizes pressure on the split limbs and reduces the load on cam bearings for an extremely forgiving target bow
    • Split Limb in a wide limb stance features a solid machined limb pocket making multiple points of contact for a secure limb to riser connection
    • Limb stop & Cable stop configurations for custom to archer set-up
    •  Medium wrist height machined grip keep you pressing to the target with a 7 5/16″ brace height for comfort and forgiveness 


    • Axle-to-Axle: 37 1/4″
    • Brace Height: 7 5/16″
    • Speed: 310-315 fps
    • Draw Length: 26″-31″
    • Draw Weight: 40, 50, 50, & 70 lbs
    • Mass Weight: 5.2 lbs
    • Let-Off: adjustable


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