2023 Mathews Image Compound Hunting Bow


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    2023 Mathews Image Compound Hunting Bow

    • Adapted from Mathews’s popular hunting bow to date, the new 2023 Image was created specifically for any hunter requiring a lower draw weight
    • Available in 40, 43, 47, and 50-pound peak weights, each set of mods is engineered for an incredibly smooth draw while still producing speeds up to 335 fps
    • Equipped with the exclusive Bridge-Lock Technology, this bow features the flagship offerings now available to low-poundage archers
    • Super-rigid riser aims like a dream
    • Utilize the Switchweight Technology to change your draw weight, length, and let-off with different module options; no need to change limbs
    • Centerguard Cable Containment system distributes the load evenly to both cams for the most precise tuning possible
    • Rubberized grip performs perfectly in all weather situations but can be removed, leaving side plates that allow you to use just the riser for a grip as well
    • 3D Damper system on the bottom of the riser for optimal vibration reduction


    • IBO Rating: up to 335 feet per second
    • Axle-to-Axle: 29 inches
    • Brace Height: 6 inches
    • Physical Weight: 4.27 pounds
    • Let-Off: 80 or 85%
    • Draw Weights: 40, 43, 47, and 50 pounds
    • Draw Lengths: 25.5-30 inches
    • Cam: Crosscentric with Switchweight Technology
    • Available in Right- or Left-hand
    • Available in Black, Granite, and Green Ambush


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