B3 Exit Pro Thumb Release


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    B3 Exit Pro Thumb Release

    • Patented lock-and-load revolutionary release design with a hand polished hardened stainless steel hook
    • Features the patented star drive system which allows for different arms for several different position configurations
    • New thumb peg design 
    • Simple patented lock-and-load design keeps you from having to push a cocking button to attach the hook to your bowstring, just close the hook with your finger onto the loop and it is ready to fire


    • Proprietary lock and load design 
    • Multi-location thumb peg 
    • Hardened 440C SS hook 
    • Hand polished SS hook 
    • Fully radiused handle 
    • Travel and tension adjustments 
    • Available in red anodize 
    • Standard attachment and hook included 
    • Patented handle design 
    • Patented internal design


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