Bear Legit RTH Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package (Inspire Finish)


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    Bear Legit RTH Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package (Inspire Finish)

    • The most versatile bow engineered for archers of all ages and skill levels
    • Featuring the ultimate adjustability with a draw length range of 14 to 30 inches and a draw weight range of 10 to 70 pounds
    • Don’t worry about owning a bow press as all adjustments can be made using a simple Allen wrench 
    • Already equipped with Trophy Ridge accessories, the only things you need to get shooting are arrows and a release
    • Ready to Hunt Package includes a Trophy Ridge Joker 4-pin sight, 5-Spot quiver, Whisker Biscuit, and a No-tie peep sight and D loop
    • Made with HeadHunter Contraband bow strings, constructed with a blend of materials engineered for the best durability and performance in the harshest conditions
    • The new and improved dual cam system makes for a super smooth draw cycle
    • Weighing only 3.6 pounds and shooting up to 315 feet per second, this bow is totally legit
    • Offered in the Inspire finish


    • Axle to Axle:30 inches
    • Bow Weight: 3.6 pounds
    • Brace Height:6 inches
    • Draw Length:14-30 inches
    • Let Off:75%
    • Speed: 315 feet per second


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