CenterPoint CP 400 Crossbow Package w/ Silent Crank


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    CenterPoint CP 400 Crossbow Package w/ Silent Crank

    • Extremely narrow axle to axle design produces speeds of up to 400 feet per second
    • Downrange kinetic energy is a walloping 142 ft/lbs.
    • Features anti-dry fire mechanism and an auto engaging safety 
    • Dual purpose folding stirrup aids in cocking your bow then doubles as a crossbow rest
    • Silent Crank connects around buffer tube on the stock aids in quiet and easy crossbow cocking 
    • Constructed with CNC machined aluminum cam system with proven HeliCoil technology
    • 5 year limited warranty


    • Two 20″ carbon arrows
    • Quick detach quiver
    • 3 x 32 mm illuminated scope
    • Scope rings 
    • Silent Crank cocking system


    • Weight: 7.0 lbs
    • Length: 31.75″
    • Axle to axle: 6″ (cocked)
    • Axle to axle : 10.5″ (uncocked)
    • Speed: 400 fps
    • Kinetic energy: 142 ft/lbs
    • Power stroke” 13″


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