CenterPoint Dagger 405 Crossbow Package


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    CenterPoint Dagger 405 Crossbow Package

    The new Dagger 405 is a fast-shooting, lightweight, ergonomic option for hunters and shooters alike. The Dagger 405 comes with the Whisper Silencing System which includes string stops, limb dampeners, and string silencers for superb noise reduction and vibration control. This helps reduce game “jumping the string” and makes the shooting experience more enjoyable! The package has everything you need to get started shooting!
    • 4×32 Illuminated Scope
    • Three 20” .003 Arrows
    • Parallel Mounted Quiver
    • Rope Cocker
    • Rail Lube.
    • Speed: Up to 405 fps
    • Axle-to-Axle (Cocked): 14.75”
    • Axle-to-Axle (Uncocked): 18.75”
    • Mass Weight: 7.27 lbs
    • Draw Weight: 220 lbs
    • Power Stroke: 14.5”
    • Total Length: 33.5”


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