Easton X10 ProTour Arrow Shafts


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    Easton X10 ProTour Arrow Shafts

    The Easton X10 Pro Tour Shaft is a competition-grade arrow built especially for compound bow shooters. The shaft is one diameter from the nock end to near the middle, and then it tapers down toward the point. This allows the arrow to have a small, wind-cutting front diameter, while maintaining a stiff spine to handle high compound draw weights.

    • Since it’s introduction the compound specific X10 ProTour has won more titles and set more records than all other choices
    • Small outside diameter with a heavier mass weight reduces wind drift and increases accuracy
    • High strength carbon fiber bonded to a 7075 alloy core
    • Reverse taper design to deal with the force imparted by compound bows
    • 9-micron polished carbon finish
    • Guaranteed straightness: ± .0015″
    • Weight Tolerance: ± 0.5 grains
    • Components sold separately
    • Sold by the dozen

    770 (6.0 gpi), 720 (6.2 gpi), 670 (6.5 gpi), 620 (6.7 gpi), 570 (6.9 gpi), 520 (7.3 gpi), 470 (7.6 gpi), 420 (8.0 gpi), 380 (8.4 gpi)


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