FoxPro Bowfire Bow Fishing Light


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    FoxPro Bowfire Bow Fishing Light

    The next evolution in bowfishing lights, the Bowfire by FoxPro is the most advanced, user-friendly bowfishing light on the market. Using their patented 3 color in 1 LED selection, switching colors was never been easier. No more unscrewing LEDs; this technology keeps you in the action even in rapidly changing water conditions. The Bowfire gives you two on/off methods, constant and momentary; the latter is perfect for light-sensitive fish that might require greater light discretion. The spot-to-flood feature allows you to adjust the beam, giving you the ability to change from searching a wider area to greater distances with ease. High-capacity Lithium-Ion battery and charger are included for extended run times. Whether you are bowfishing from the bank or on a boat, the FoxPro Bowfire is a great light for any bowfisher.


    • Designed to be the most advanced and user-friendly bowfishing light in the market
    • Quickly change light hue colors for changing water conditions with the patented 3 colors in 1 led selection. No more screw-in led modules!
    • Constant On/Off AND Momentary On/Off for light wary fish
    • Dimmer controls to adjust light intensity
    • Spot-to-flood feature is most desirable for both bank fishing and boat fishing for fish that are further away
    • High-capacity Lithium-Ion battery and charger for extended run times
    • Universal bow adapter that allows for adding a spinning reel
    • 3-Year LED Warranty
    • 1-year tail cap and accessories warranty

    Light colors and information

    • Cool White: 400 Lumen, 7-degree beam angle, 1.5 hour runtime, 480-meter distance
    • Middle: 200 Lumen, 4-degree beam angle, 2.5 hour runtime, 500-meter distance
    • Warm White: 180 Lumens, 4-degree beam angle, 2.5 hour runtime, 460-meter distance


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