Galaxy Meteor 66″ Recurve Bow


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    Galaxy Meteor 66″ Recurve Bow

    Here’s an affordable Olympic recurve bow that comes complete with the riser, limbs and string. It’s also got a sight and two styles of rest. Mounting holes allow for stabilizers and a clicker to be added.

    • 66″ AMO Length, non-ILF takedown recurve
    • Cast aluminum riser for strength and durability
    • Black fiberglass/ hard maple core limbs
    • Can easily be set up with a rest, sight, clicker and stabilizers
    • Weight: 2.67 lbs. (mass weight with limbs)
    • Color: Black
    • Includes 66″ dacron B-50 bowstring, stick on rest, bolt on rest, and adjustable dovetail sight with aiming aperture
    • Available in Right Hand only


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