Genesis Archery Mini Genesis Bow Kit (Pink)


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    Genesis Archery Mini Genesis Bow Kit (Pink)

    • Available in a convenient kit, includes everything needed to introduce a youngster to the sport of archery
    • Smaller lighter version of the Original Genesis© bow
    • Same revolutionary technology as the Original Genesis©, scaled to fit even smaller-framed youngsters, even preschoolers who are ready for the unique thrills of archery
    • Adjustable draw weight of 6 to 12 pounds
    • Offers “zero let-off” so that there is no set draw length, this feature helps to “pull” the string from the fingers upon release, making it easy to shoot
    • Draw length range of 14-25 inches, means it can be drawn to a wide range of lengths, whatever fits that particular young shooter
    • Only 2 pounds physical weight, the bow is easy for youngsters to draw and aim without getting fatigued
    • 29-1/2 axle-to-axle
    • 6-1/8 brace height
    • Carbon cable guard

               Kit Includes:

    • Mini Genesis© Bow
    • Color-coordinated belt tube quiver and adjustable arm guard
    • 5 aluminum arrows
    • Informative owner’s manual


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