HHA Tetra RYZ 2510 Sight (Hoyt Picatinny Mount)


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    HHA Tetra RYZ 2510 Sight (Hoyt Picatinny Mount)

    After high demand, two decades of single pin technology come together to provide the ultimate sight for both Bowhunters and 3D shooters alike, enter the Tetra RYZ. The RYZ offers the benefits of a multi-pin in a single-pin platform. With a silky 2.1” of travel, each Tetra RYZ will feature HHA’s longest sight tapes they have ever built. Reasonable pin spacing will give shooters the ability to quickly adjust on the fly without needing to let down. Sight-in is easier than ever, shoot at 20 and 60 yards with your top pin and the 2nd pin and needle will automatically be set.


    • Stacked pin design allows for 2 aiming points in a single pin configuration
    • Rheostat allows for quick adjustment of pin brightness
    • 2 yardage indicators give you pinpoint precision when preparing for a shot.
    • Longest sight tapes HHA has ever produced, giving you the most range possible
    • Construction: Aluminum
    • Mount style: Hoyt Picatinny Mount
    • Weight: 13.6 oz.
    • Bar Length: 6-9“
    • 2nd & 3rd Axis: yes
    • Rapid travel: yes
    • Micro-adjust: yes
    • Scope housing: 1-5/8″
    • Accepts sight light: yes
    • Accepts lens: yes with kit
    • Number of pins: 2 (Stacked pin design)
    • Pin diameter: .010
    • Includes 52 sight tapes to match your exact bow and arrow set up


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