Killer Instinct DSC Compact Crank


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    Killer Instinct DSC Compact Crank

    • Avoid scaring wary game with the ultra-quick and silent operating Dead Silent Crank™
    • The DSC™ rapidly attaches and detaches in seconds to safely and silently cock your crossbow at a moment’s notice
    • This compact, sleek design with speed connect socket is constructed of high-strength aluminum alloys to reduce weight and ensure years of trouble-free use


    Wide Sled is compatible with:

    • Composite barrel KI models
    • Lethal Series
    • Fierce 405
    • Hero 380
    • BC 370
    • Brawler 415
    • Speed 425
    • Ripper 425 (does not fit Ripper 415)
    • Burner 415
    • Boss 405
    • Rush 380
    • Does not fit KI series

    Narrow Sled is compatible with:

    • Fatal-X
    • Furious Pro 9.5
    • Does not fit Furious FRT with TriggerTech
    • Does not fit KI series


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