Killer Instinct Fatal-X Crossbow Package with RDC (Open Box X1033556)


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    Killer Instinct Fatal-X Crossbow Package with RDC (Open Box X1033556)

    with crank
    Product shows previous mounting marks, refurbished
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    • The FATAL X from Killer Instinct delivers award-winning performance from an ultra-narrow profile that reaches speeds of 405 feet-per-second
    • Featuring the all-new X CAM, the Fatal X cocks down to a slim 6.25″ axle-to-axle, and with 50% let-off, cocking the Fatal becomes an effortless motion
    • The integrated RDC (Rapid Draw Crank) allows for fast, quiet, and easy cocking at a moment’s notice and even more reduction in draw weight
    • Fully adjustable with a multi-position buttstock and includes Killer Instincts PRO Package with everything needed to start shooting

                  X CAM
                  Synchronized highly efficient design with 50% let-off for an easier-to-cock crossbow that’s smoother and quieter on the shot

                  INTEGRATED RDC
                  Positioned for easy use at any moment to cock the FATAL X fast and quiet

                  ADJUSTABLE BUTTSTOCK
                  Compact, multi-position design for a custom-tailored length of pull

                  PRO PACKAGE INCLUDED
                  LUMIX 4×32 IR-E Scope, Sled Rope Cocker, Quiver, (3) 20-inch HYPR Bolts (390 Grains) with Field Tips, Stick of Rail Lube


    • Speed – 405 FPS
    • Kinetic energy- 142 FT-LB
    • Trigger- 3.5-LB
    • Width (COCKED) – 6.25″
    • Width (UNCOCKED) – 9.75″
    • Length- 29.75″ – 31.5″
    • Weight- 7.4-LB
    • Draw weight- 195-LB
    • Power stroke- 13.5″


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