Kinetic Adeo ILF Recurve Riser


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    Kinetic Adeo ILF Recurve Riser

    • Olympic style ILF recurve riser with generous sight window allows for improved sight picture at any distance
    • Three 5/16 x 24 stabilizer bushing along the back of the riser for custom weight placement
    • Designed with dual Berger and rest mount holes for bolt-on arrow rests and use of a cushion plunger
    • Features extended clicker plate as well as bow-mounted clicker bushing
    • Constructed of Royal Cross Carbon  and uni-directional carbon
    • ILF limb pocket also features a dovetailed block with the ability to make lateral limb adjustments
    • Length: 25 inches
    • Weight: 1170 grams | 2.58 pounds


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