Mission Sig Sauer BDX Scope & Rangefinder Combo


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    Mission Sig Sauer BDX Scope & Rangefinder Combo

    Sig Sauer Ballistic Data Xchange rangefinder, crossbow scope, and app have transformed hunting with it’s unprecedented simplicity and accuracy.

    Combines the power of applied ballistics data with Bluetooth technology allowing you to get the most accurate ethical shot.

    • KILO 1600 BDX rangefinder pairs to free BDX application, then bonds to SIERRA3 2.5-8 X 36 mm BDX scope
    • When you range your target the KILO BDX rangefinder automatically sends your specific holdover data to your SIERRA3BDX scope giving you an illuminated holdover dot
    • Motion activated Time-out scope
    • Most advanced optics unit available today
    • Everything you need for the most ethical shot every time
    • 100+ hour (running) battery life
    • BDX Combo kit includes SIG Alpha 1 Tactical scope rings installed


    • Magnification: 6X
    • Objective lens: 22 mm
    • Field of view 6′
    • Eye Relief: 17 mm
    • Reflective range: 2000 y | Range on deer: 800 y
    • Length: 4.3 inches | Height: 3.0 inches | Width 1.4 inches
    • Weight: 5 oz
    • Battery: CR2


    • Focal plane: second
    • Adjustment increments: .25 MOA
    • Weight: 19.4 oz
    • Main tube diameter: 30 mm
    • Objective lens: 36 mm
    • Battery: CR2032


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