MK Archery MKS Recurve Riser


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    MK Archery MKS Recurve Riser

    • Constructed from high strength 7075 aluminum for a durable and stable shooting platform
    • Premium olympic style riser accepts ILF limbs
    • Post shot vibration reduced as compared to the MK Z with advanced geometry and design
    • Center Identification System built in alignment system shows a visible marker along the face of the riser, this technology makes set-up and tuning simple and fast
    • Standard 5/16 x 24 stabilizer mount bushing
    • Stabilizer mounting positions in 5/16 x 24 thread are under the grip on the face side of the bow, as well as at the top and bottom tiller bolts on the back of the bow
    • Newly designed grip optimizes texture at the pressure point for shot to shot precision
    • Threaded for AMO standard target sights
    • Length: 25″
    • Weight: 1.320 grams / 2.91 pounds


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