MK Archery X-Core ILF Recurve Limbs


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    MK Archery X-Core ILF Recurve Limbs

    The X-Core ILF Recurve Limb by MK Archery is made of a hard-maple wood core and layered with MK’s Ultra-High Density Carbon to give you the perfect balance between the smoothness of a wooden limb and the recovery speed of a carbon limb. The sleek design reduces air resistance while shooting and the high-quality paint is resistant to deforming even when in direct sunlight for long periods.


    • Total Lengths with 25″ Riser: 66” / 68” / 70”
    • Draw Weights: 32lbs – 48lbs (2lb increments)
    • Construction: Hard-Maple Wood Core, Ultra-High Density Carbon
    • Matte Finish
    • 7 Total Layers
    • ILF Compatible


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