MK Archery X-ON 25″ ILF Recurve Riser


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    MK Archery X-ON 25″ ILF Recurve Riser

    Seeing the need for a new standard in the barebow market, Mybo has raised the bar with their new MYKAN 25” Barebow Riser. Optimized for the perfect balance of geometry, balance, mass, and flex, the MYKAN is a great option for any barebow shooter!


    • Riser Length: 25” length
    • With Short Limbs: 66”
    • With Medium Limbs: 68”
    • With Long Limbs: 70”
    • Weight: 58.2 oz


    • Made of high-quality Aluminum
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK
    • Barebow specific geometry
    • Integrated 12.35 oz master weight (available separately)
    • Multipoint stainless steel weight mounting system
    • 5/16” unf x 50mm Diameter Stainless Steel Weights (available separately)
    • Matt anodized finish
    • Does not include sight mounting holes


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