Bear Alaskan Compound Hunting Bow


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    Bear Alaskan Compound Hunting Bow

    Named after one of their most famous bows from the 1950s and ’60s, Bear Archery is happy to return the Alaskan as part of their 2022 line-up. With a blazing fast 335fps and an 80% let-off, this bow is not only comfortable to shoot but is more than capable for any hunter or target archer. The new KillerWave in-limb dampeners greatly reduce shot vibration giving this bow a “dead in the hand” feel while improving accuracy. Packed with tons of high-performance features and offered at a great price point, the Bear Alaskan is living up to its rich history as being a great option for any archer!


    • Killer Wave limb dampening system help with shot vibration and improves accuracy
    • Aluminum Limb Pockets give the bow a high-quality look and superb durability
    • The slim machined grip helps eliminate torque and provides a comfortable shooting experience
    • The double rest bolt hole gives you peace of mind knowing that your rest is secured in place
    • All-new DHC hybrid cam system features an 80% let off and Bear’s signature draw cycle smoothness


    • Axle-to-axle: 32”
    • Brace height: 6.25”
    • Let-off: 80%
    • Speed: 335 fps
    • Mass weight: 3.9 lbs
    • Draw length: 25.5”-31”
    • Draw weight: 45-60 or 55-70
    • Cam: DHC Cam
    • Dexterity: RH or LH
    • Finishes: Mossy Oak Break Up Country, Throwback Black, or Olive


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