MK Archery L3 Recurve Riser


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    MK Archery L3 Recurve Riser

    • Performance ILF riser built for growing athletes
    • First of its kind adjustable ILF riser
    • Maximum tunability built-in, set this riser up for speed or for comfort
    • Adaptable tiller bolt and dovetail system will allow for riser to function as a 23″ or 25″ ILF riser
    • Archers can shoot with optimum string angle
    • ILF limbs rated for 25″ riser will shoot 2lbs+ when riser is set in 23″ configuration
    • Riser features lateral limb adjustments
    • Riser is built from custom aluminum alloy stronger than 6061
    • Grip utilizes a non-slip pad and is offered with both medium and high wrist options included
    • Right-handed only
    • Weight: 1,200g (2.65 lbs.)

    Note: riser will not accept formula limbs and is only designed for use with ILF configurations 


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