Galaxy Sage Elite 62″ Take Down Bow (ClearanceX1033222)


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    Galaxy Sage Elite 62″ Take Down Bow (ClearanceX1033222)

    Right Hand Only
    This model has been discontinued
    Limited inventory, available while supplies last
    Special pricing on this item is available online only

    • 62″ takedown recurve bow for up to 28″ draw
    • Economical, entry to intermediate level bow
    • Dymondwood, oak & hard maple laminated riser
    • Limbs are hard Maple with black fiberglass
    • Riser cut past center with crowned arrow shelf and brass plunger, stabilizer, and sight/quiver bushings
    • FastFlight phenolic reinforced limb tips
    • 7 ½”- 8 ¼” recommended brace height
    • Includes riser, limbs, and string



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