Prime Hamskea Epsilon Drop Away Rest


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    Prime Hamskea Epsilon Drop Away Rest

    Part of the Prime Performance Accessories line, Prime Archery has partnered with Hamskea to develop a Prime-specific attachment for their Epsilon rest. The rest sets up for the center shot, so there is minimal tuning needed for a consistent arrow group. The pre-set zero position works perfectly with our limb-driven axle attachment.


    • Limb-actuated multi-configurable rest (top/bottom limb-driven or cable-driven)
    • Three stainless steel bearings for smooth, controlled actuation and maximum support
    • Over-molded launcher and containment bracket
    • Rebound dampener managers launcher rebound and mechanical stress
    • Low profile design for better quiver clearance
    • “Set it and forget it” cord clamp tensioner
    • Zero tolerance technology (ZTT)
    • Adjustable launcher position for up and down positive setting
    • Adjustable torsion spring tension
    • Delta V arrow guide


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