QAD Integrate TRi Premium Target Rest


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    QAD Integrate TRi Premium Target Rest

    • Built around the Integrate dovetail system featured on select PSE, Mathews, & Hoyt bow models
    • No mounting bolt, No mounting block, No set screws
    • Utilizes the most secure rest to riser attachment possible in a streamlined package
    • Micro-adjustable centershot and elevation adjustment knobs allow for precision tuning with ease
    • Laser-etched markings are highly visible and make original set-up quick and easy
    • Proprietary blade locks within the rest arm for perfect alignment every time
    • Patent-pending Lizard Tongue Cover prevents damage to a blade while in transit
    • Torque turning adjustments enable archers to place the blade directly over the archer’s wrist increasing forgiveness  
    • Includes 3 Medium blades (.008″, .010, .012″ thickness)


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