Stan OnneX Hinge Back Tension Release


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    Stan OnneX Hinge Back Tension Release

    • The OnneX Hinge was much anticipated meaning our engineers made it worth the wait
    • With new and advanced searing mechanisms that still allow for micro-adjustability
    • Draw control system that is activated by the thumb peg that assists in achieving a fluid and consistent shot
    • Self-resetting hook allows for a quick reset
    • Adjustable finger sweep and thumb peg
    • Interchangeable hasps are available in fast, medium, or slow clicks to assist in your perfect shot
    • Each Onnex handle will allow for the shooter to change between one of the three handle types thumb button, back tension, & resistance seamlessly while maintaining anchor point & peep height
    • Available in multiple sizes to comfortably fit any archer’s hands


    • Three and four-finger attachments, large and small barrels, two barrel extensions
    • Medium-click and no-click sear allowing you to tailor your release to your preference


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