Trophy Ridge Digital React Trio Pro Sight (3 Pin)


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    Trophy Ridge Digital React Trio Pro Sight (3 Pin)

    • The most innovative and efficient bowhunting sight features a vertical React floating pin 
    • Utilizes patented React Technology to mathematically adjust your pins and yardage indicators to be spot on at any distance 
    • Turning the main adjustment wheel lights up the LCD Screen showing every yardage mark at precise yards or 1/2 yard increments 
    • Full suite of features like customizable screen colors, brightness, distance increments, and up to 5 profiles that can be saved for unique arrow setups 
    • Improve your accuracy at severe angles over longer distances with third-axis leveling
    • Includes Digital React Trio Pro sight, 6-foot USB charging cord and plug, optional backup sight tapes and yardage indicators, quick-start guide, and detailed manual for customizing your set up


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