UltraView The Hinge 2 Back Tension Release (Matte Black)


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    UltraView The Hinge 2 Back Tension Release (Matte Black)

    The team at UltraView steps up their game with further refinement of their product line-up. The new Release options are improved in function, fit, and finish. One of the most comfortable releases you’ll ever shoot, with deliberate, ergonomic finger beds to fit your hand perfectly every time you draw your bow back. Consistent hand placement helps you develop rock-solid shot execution and tighter groups. 
    • Micro-adjust click and fire system; the dual moons allow you to micro-adjust the timing of both your click and fire moons independently 
    • Deadly quiet magnetic head retention, a small magnet holds the head back from freely hanging, making it whisper quiet in the woods and always at the ready 
    • Large or Medium size options will allow for the perfect in-hand fit 
    • Constructed of heavy Matte Black Stainless Steel for added forgiveness
    • Accessorize just the way you like it – 2, 3, and 4 finger Hunting Brackets in both anodized aluminum and matte black stainless options (sold separately) 

    Note: the handle does not include a pulling peg (sold separately), and 1st generation funky fingers will not fit the Hinge 2


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