Wicked Ridge RDX400 Crossbow Package w/ ACUdraw PRO (MO Country)


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    Wicked Ridge RDX400 Crossbow Package w/ ACUdraw PRO (MO Country)

    • Features a perfectly balanced reverse-draw bow that moves the center of mass back towards the archer
    • Utilizes the full 15.5” of power-stroke with the Reaper Cam System™ that together deliver consistent downrange accuracy and lighting speeds up to 400 FPS
    • ACUdraw PRO Cocking Device makes loading your bow simple and easy for any archer’s abilities
    • T5 Trigger system is TenPoints smoothest shooting ever with reduced friction for consistent breaks shot after shot
    • Includes a dry fire inhibitor
    • Pro-View Scope 3 crosshairs and four dots calibrated for 20-, 30-, 40- and 50-yards, and a triangle for 60-yards (fourth dot and triangle are free-standing, just below the 40-yard crosshair)
    • Utilizes TenPoint’s proprietary Alpha-Nock System
    • Width:  Axle-to-axle 15″ uncocked | 9″ cocked
    • Speed: 400 fps
    • Power Stroke: 15.5″
    • Weight: 7.6 lbs
    • Draw Weight: 175 lbs
    • Kinetic Energy: 140 FP 
              Package includes:
    • ACUdraw PRO cocking aid
    • Pro-View Scope
    • Three 20-inch Pro Elite Carbon Arrows
    • Quiver


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