WNS Vantage CX Carbon Recurve Riser


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    WNS Vantage CX Carbon Recurve Riser

    • Carbon fiber riser achieves accurate arrow flight with effective vibration absorption
    • Developed to be the most easy-to-handle carbon riser that can accommodate any budget
    • Sight window and shelf cut slightly past center for easy set-up and tuning
    • Dual Berger hole / rest mounting hole allows for use of bolt on style rest or stick on style rest in conjunction with cushion plunger (sold separately)
    • Includes extended clicker plate and three 5/16 X 24 threaded stabilizer bushings along the back (target side) of the bow
    • Features lateral limb adjustments within aluminum dovetail block
    • ILF compatible
    • Length: 25″
    • Weight: 2.51 lbs


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